Marco Burak composer
Marco Burak

My process includes adapting novelist W.O. Mitchell's free fall method (Mitchell's Messy Method) followed by thoughtful refining. Whether simple or complex, I strive for beauty of form and content in my music, but it's not always 'pretty'.

I completed a Bachelor of Music in Theory and Composition at the University of Alberta, receiving inspirational grounding in harmony and voice-leading from Gerhard Krapf, and instruction in composition from Peter Landey and Alfred Fisher. From Malcolm Forsyth, I learned orchestration, and practical lessons in score preparation.

At the University of Western Ontario, I completed a Master of Music in Composition studying with composers Peter Paul Koprowski and Alan Heard, and was awarded the George Proctor Memorial Award.

I live in Stratford, Ontario, Canada with my wife, composer and writer Michelle Wells and Winnie the Cat. I'm a founding member of MMMM-Composers in Concert along with composers Michel Allard, Michael Dobinson, and Michelle Wells.